PRASNOTTARA RATNA MALIKA of Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada

Adi Sankara Prasnottara Ratna Malika is one among the many works by SANKARA BHAGAVATPADA. In this work,he enlightens and clears our doubts about various issues, in the form of simple question-answers.

  1. भगवन् किं उपादेयम् ?

O Lord, which is to be taken ?


Utterances of the preceptor.

  1. कः पथ्यतरः?

What is more beneficial than anything else ?



  1. किं विषम्?

What is poison ?

अवधीरणा गुरुषु

Transgression of preceptor’s orders.

  1. किं मनुजेषु इष्टतमम्?

What is most desirable for human beings ?

स्व-पर-हिताय उद्यतं जन्म।

Life dedicated to one’s and others’ welfare.

  1. के च दस्यवः?

Who are thieves ?


Objects of sense.

  1. को वैरी ?

Who is the foe ?

यस्तु अनुद्योग:

It is but idleness.

  1. किं गुरुतायां मूलम्?

What is the cause of greatness?

यत् एतत् अप्रार्थनं नाम

That which is known as not asking favours

  1. किं दुखम्?

What is unhappiness?



  1. किं जाड्यम्?

What is unintelligence?

पाठतोऽपि अनभ्यासः

Not repeating what is learnt.

  1. नलिनी-दल-गत-जलवत्-तरलं किम्?

What is transient like the water on the lotus leaf

यौवनं, धनं च आयुः।

Youth, wealth and life.

  1. किं च अनर्घम् ?

What is priceless ?

यदवसरे दत्तम्।

That which is given at the right moment.

  1. आमरणात् किं शाल्यम् ?

What paids like a shaft till death ?

प्रच्छन्नं यत् कृतं पापम् ।

The sin committed in secrecy.

  1. कुत्र विधेयो यत्नः?

Where is the effort ordained ?

विद्याभ्यासे सदौषधे दाने।

In learning, good medicine, charity.

  1. केन जितं जगदेतत् ?

By whom is this world conquered ?

सत्य-तितिक्षावता पुंसा।

By the person who has truthfulness and endurance.

  1. कस्य वशे प्राणिगण ?

In whom control lies the community of creatures ?

सत्य-प्रियभाषिणो विनीतस्य।

One who speaks the truth, is kindly and humble.