NRI Tour Programme

It has been an express direction of HH Shri Bala Periva that Children coming from abroad must be taken on a tour of places which can make them aware of our culture and heritage and bring in a greater understanding of everything connected with our Parampara. Tanjavur as we all know is considered the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu with abundance of architectural wonders, art forms, a repository of ancient literature and so on. Sri Krishnaswamy and Sri S Bhaskar, two eminent people belonging to Tanjavur have volunteered to undertake a conducted tour of Tanjavur for about 7 days duration. The tour is planned from 05-12 Jul 2019. This date can be replicated in other months as well as per demand.


For more Details please contact,

V.N. Gopalakrishna Rao      

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Major General G Murali (retd)

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