Chaturmasya Vrata Srimukham Pathanam - A unique custom

The Chaturmasya Vrata Patrika was read out at Sri Kamakshi Ambal temple, following age-old traditions & customs. It is an age-old custom followed in Kanchi wherein before the commencement of Vyasa Puja-Chaturmasya Vratam, the Patrika in form of Srimukham is taken to Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple, to which puja is performed after which the Srimukham is read out in front of public announcing the place of Chaturmasya & events to be held during Chaturmasya Vratam of His Holiness. Then, the Srimukham is kept in a palanquin and taken around the four Raja Veethis. Even when His Holiness performs Chaturmasya outside of Kanchipuram, this custom if followed to inform the citizens of Kanchi.


One member from Teertha Purohita family of Kanchipuram or one member from Mandana Mishra family receives the Patrika from Shrimatam representative and takes on the responsibility to inform the citizens of Kanchi about Vyasa Puja & Chaturmasya Sankalpam.